Wednesday, September 16, 2009

furniture design 1

Project :

To select a designed furniture, understanding it, analyzing it and justifying it by further exploring or completely redesigning it if required. To create a 1:1 scale model of it for understanding the aspects of its production.

Why Mezzadro ?

I had a very clear idea before selecting the furniture. I was looking for a furniture which is not just developed on the skin based or form based for the esthetics or styling purpose but was looking for a human experience and new functionality.
I came across Mezzadro stool by Achille and Pier. Its not just a stool but a stool which has a beautiful merge of both functionality + human experience.


Mezzadro is unique in terms of its structure. It had manage to break the general perception of “ four vertical with a surface on it forming a stool ”. The structure blends with functionality as the carved out space form a leg space. And the tractor seat then converted to polymer seat makes it more apt for comfortable posture.

Need for re-design?

To make a 1:1 scale model of mezzadro was much expensive. This was the reason for its modification and re-designing. The seat of the stool is polymer based and to create a mold was an expensive deal. Hence understanding the form merging Indian context to it I had decided to use a flexible ply seat and covering it with a poly-urethane based paint coat on it.

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